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Case Study

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Oil Production & Processing

Maria Bosteels presses rapeseed oil, linseed oil, camelina and even raspberry oil.


Mrs Bosteels, could you please tell us about your business?

The heart of the business is the oil cold-presser in which we press linseed, camelina and rapeseed oils. We also have milk thisle and raspberry seeds prepared for the future. We have already had our first customers and they said the oil is excellent. 

Oil may be miraculous for our health, no matter if it is rapeseed or linseed oil. In what way can oil be used to improve our health?

I have designed a book for the clients so that they can get familiarised with all of our oils and their properties. All of the cold-pressed oils are rich with Omega-3 acid which is beneficial for restoring immunity and supporting the nerve system and brain work. Cold-pressed linseed oil is rich with Omega-6 acid, antioxidants and vitamine E. It helps to purify liver, reduce stres, atheromatosis. And most importantly, it may even help with the tumors. Another fascinating product is camelina oil. About three thousand years ago you could find it on in a poor house as well as in the royal palace. Camelina oil has similar features as the linseed. It literally builds our body and supports the work of liver, kidneys, bowels, heart, gallbladder. Additionally, it lowers the level of cholesterol. 

The idea of cold-pressing oil by Mrs Maria Bosteels from Siderka is possible thanks to co-financing from the Polish Local Action Group “Szlak Tatarski” in the framework of the “Community-led Local Development Strategy” in the scope of undertaking economic activity, developing economic activity, preserving local heritage and developing generally available and non-commercial tourist or recreational or cultural infrastructure.


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